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EarlyW~rm – HiFi Hustle

It’s not long ago that I first heard the mastery of the one who goes by earlyW~rm. From the beginning, I connected with his hypnotic sound. I later learned that he’s been dubbin’ it up in T.O. for the past

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We’re back!

Today marks day one of the new DubSelector.com site. Stay tuned for plenty of wicked tunes and tings.

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Pressure Drop — feat. A Man Called Warwick

Turning Point joins the Pressure Drop joint tonight. Featuring A Man Called Warwick, with regular selectors Chuck Boom and Guv’nor General. Hit The Magpie @ 831 Dundas St. W. Free before 11pm, $5 after. Cheap drinks before 11pm! $3 for

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Toronto Dub Represent!

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Dub’n it up in Toronto

Gladly, there has been quite a resurgence of dub happening in the city. Thanks to some hard working promotion and selecting by the likes of Pressure Drop & K-Zar, there have been monthly events that have been nothing but amazing.

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